Mobile Home Real Estate Agents in Polk County, Florida

Polk County, located in central Florida, offers a dizzying array of options for a mobile home buyer. As any mobile home real estate agent in Polk County will attest, the sheer number of mobile homes makes Polk County distinctive. With nearly four hundred mobile home parks, real estate agents have a lot of options to show a potential buyer.

Whether you are looking for a small park model mobile home on a lot in a park, or a more spacious model on a large acreage tract, Polk County has more locations to chose from than you will find anywhere else in Florida. Polk County, located between Tampa and Orlando along the I-4 corridor, currently holds over 34,000 mobile homes of all makes and styles.

Real Estate agents in Polk County are generally well-versed in the ins and outs of mobile homes as they compare to residential homes. Mobile homes constitute nearly one-fifth of the total home sites in Polk County, Florida. Because of this unusually high concentration, real estate agents in Polk County have to be more familiar with the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of mobile homes than their counterparts in other areas of Florida.

When in the market for a mobile home, it is important to choose a real estate agent familiar with both Polk County and mobile homes in general. Small details can have a major impact on the value of a mobile home. For example your real estate agent, if well-versed in mobile home construction, will know that there is a much larger difference between a 1993 built and a 1994 home than there is between, say, 1996 and 1997. 1993 is the year that Hurricane Andrew tore through Florida, destroying a huge number of mobile homes along the way. The following year, new housing codes were put into place, ensuring a higher quality of construction than the previous years’ model would afford.

Hiring a mobile home real estate agent does not relieve the buyer of the responsibility of understanding the local market in Polk County. A realtor, no matter how knowledgeable, cannot replace a home inspector or an appraiser. But working in conjunction with an informed buyer and reputable experts, the mobile home real estate agent can help ensure that there are no surprises when the buyer is ready to take ownership of their new mobile home.

To find potential mobile home real estate agents in Polk County, Florida, check your local yellow pages or search online. But be sure to ask questions to make sure they understand the local market and mobile home construction. By doing some homework upfront and checking the realtor’s knowledge before beginning your home search, you can be sure

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